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Weddings. Events. Private Parties. DJ Mixers

Batt Entertainment, a locally-owned family business, specializes in providing comprehensive options for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and private events. Our services encompass live music, solo musicians, live bands, DJs, and MCs. With our team of experienced DJs boasting hundreds of hours of expertise, we ensure professionalism and excellence in every performance.


We take pride in our ability to tailor music and entertainment to reflect your unique style and preferences. Through thorough one-on-one consultations, we meticulously prepare for a seamless event, crafting perfect playlists and timelines tailored to each segment of your wedding day, from the ceremony and cocktail hour to dinner, special events, and the ultimate dance party.

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Our meticulous planning sessions, combined with the expertise of our professional DJs, ensure a flawlessly executed timeline for your special day. Consider our MC/DJs akin to air traffic controllers, seamlessly guiding your guests through the flow of events during your wedding.

Rest assured, your vision is our priority.


We attentively listen to your preferences to curate the desired atmosphere. With our adept facilitation, your evening unfolds effortlessly, ensuring the festivities continue well into the night. Entrust your event to our experienced, knowledgeable,

and energetic team for a celebration that exceeds your expectations.

Live music & DJ services

Elevate your private party or business event with the enchanting ambiance only live music can provide. Whether you're seeking the soulful melodies of a live musician, the dynamic energy of a band, or the curated beats of a skilled DJ, we specialize in crafting unforgettable experiences.


From intimate gatherings in breweries and wineries to lively soirées in restaurants, and from milestone birthday celebrations to elegant galas and local community events, our expertise ensures that every occasion is infused with the perfect soundtrack. Let us transform your event into a mesmerizing affair that leaves a lasting impression on you and your guests.

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